"I am still so sore!"

As you are beginning a fitness routine, maybe for the first time ever, it can be extremely tough on your body! It is very common for me to hear my client's express "I am so sore!" even days after their workout. There is nothing wrong with your body, if this is the case for you, too. Your body is doing incredible things! Be patient with yourself and take care of yourself physically and mentally. There are a few tips that will help you recover more quickly and adapt to your exercise program a bit more easily:


It is totally normally for your body to experience soreness following a workout. Your soreness is due to muscle fibers being torn at a microscopic level. It is a common misconception that there in a lactic acid build-up in your body that causes soreness. Lactic acid levels do change some, but the soreness you feel is from the muscle fiber “damage” that occurs during exercise. Do not worry though! It is healthy and necessary for your muscle fibers to be torn during exercise in order to give them the opportunity for repair (this is how we BUILD muscle and eventually adapt to exercise!) However, below are some tips on how to ease some of that pain you feel.

· Before beginning your workout, start with a warm-up. The warmer your muscles are before starting your exercise, the less tearing the fibers will experience. This will also help loosen joints and get your heart rate up and blood flowing to muscles to prepare them for work.

· Following a workout, it is crucial to stretch muscles that have been worked. It is always a good idea to spend the last few minutes stretching to reduce soreness and aid in muscle recovery.

· After your workout is complete, it is never a good idea to go and immediately sit for hours on end. Blood carries proteins and other molecules to the muscles to aid in repair, so if you are sitting still for hours, the blood isn’t moving throughout your body as quickly. Getting up and moving around periodically following a workout, will help you not be so sore later on.

· On your off days, it is a great idea to go for a brisk walk, or even a recreational walk. However, your muscles need time to repair, so try to give yourself 24-48 hours in between sessions where you’ll be using the same muscles. For instance, if you work your biceps on Monday afternoon, it may be best to not do bicep curls again until Tuesday afternoon or even Wednesday afternoon.


Our bodies need water, and plenty of it, to function properly. Our organs, muscles, and brain all rely on water. It is crucial to consume the proper amount of water daily- especially here in Florida!

· Women: Should consume 2.7 L/day (91 fl oz)

· Men: Should consume 3.7 L/day (125 fl oz)

· Water can come from food and fluids. In fact, for men, typically 24 fl oz come from food sources such as fruits and veggies, and for women, 17 fl oz come from food.

· While water can come from food and all fluids, consuming water will properly hydrate your body without adding extra calories to your diet.

· TIP: Purchase a water bottle with the fluid ounces marked on it to ensure you are consuming enough fluid per day.


Most muscle recover happens at night while we are sleeping and not using the muscles. It is very important to be getting enough sleep, and quality sleep at that!

· Try to get 7 hours of sleep if you can

· Fun fact! Improper amount of sleep or poor-quality sleep increases cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol levels, when high, increase your appetite and slows down your fat metabolism. If you poorly slept the night before and are hungry all day, this could be why!


The recommended daily allowance of protein for adults is 0.8 kg of protein per pound that you weigh. However, studies show that increasing protein to up to 2.0 kg/lb, is not at all harmful (unless you deal with pre-existing kidney issues (see physician)), and can actually help increase muscle synthesis (muscle repair and growth). Get your protein in your diet!!

· Consume at least 0.8kg protein/ lb of body weight per day

· If you are very sore, or begin to be even more active, increase that protein intake!

· If you aren’t sure how much protein you are consuming, download the MyFitnessPal app on your phone and you can insert your protein goal into the app and log your food items. The app isn’t 100% accurate, of course, but it is a great place to start to see if you’re consuming anywhere near the recommended amount of protein.

· Fun Fact! Your body uses 25-30% of calories from protein JUST to digest the protein itself! Don’t worry too much about calories from protein sources, since your body is putting them to good use and the protein is necessary!


All good things take time!

Be patient with yourself as you are getting started. Listen to your body when it is telling you you’re thirsty, you’re hungry, or you need to rest! However, as time goes on, your body will adapt to your exercise regimen, and you’ll feel so much stronger!

· Exercise each muscle group two times weekly to see improvements in strength and muscle mass after 4 weeks

· Stretch at least three times weekly, holding each stretch for 30 seconds (3 sets) to see improvements in flexibility in one month.

· When you feel the exercise program is getting much easier, increase weight, increase reps, or decrease your rest period to challenge your body and not let yourself reach a plateau.


Our bodies need vitamins and minerals to work properly and recover quickly. Regardless of your diet, as a typical American, you are most likely not consuming enough vitamins and minerals. You can add these to your diet without adding any calories by incorporating supplements into your diet. We offer supplements for general health, weight & fat loss, muscle mass, fitness improvement, and nutrition control. If you are struggling to eat properly, are fatigued throughout your workout, fatigued or incredibly sore after your workout, want to improve your fitness performance, or want to shed off weight and control your appetite, please contact me and we can set up a free meeting where I will talk you through supplements and help you find solutions for your specific needs and concerns.

· Vitamins & minerals for healthy functioning

· Quicker Muscle Recovery

· Increase energy levels

· Protein Bars & Powder for proper muscle recovery & satiety

· Natural remedy for better sleep

· Curbing cravings & appetite control

· Increase fat metabolism

· Supplement companies are not regulated by the FDA, so many companies are not true to their label. ALL of the supplements I offer are third-party tested (everything on the label has been scientifically tested and proven to be accurate) and approved for pro-athletes…there’s no junk here!

Do not give up! Implement some of these tips and you'll be able to recover a little bit better. You can do this!

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